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​Cate Gundlah ​• Glass Art & Jewelry

Cate started working with stained glass in the late 1990’s, when she wanted to buy a stained glass window for her newly renovated bathroom. When she found out how expensive it would be, she bought glass and tools and did it herself. She never installed that window, but it was the beginning of her love of glass.

In 2002, she took classes at Vitrum Studio in Maryland and broadened her love of glass to include glass fusing and lampworking (glass bead making).

Cate loves working with glass in a small form like beads and larger pieces fused in a kiln. "Beads are miniature works of art," she says. "I like playing with color and combining different colors to see what chemical reactions I can get." She likes the fact that glass fusing allows her to make a whole range of pieces from the practical to the whimsical.

Cate was born in New Jersey into a "hands-on" family. Her mother taught her to sew. Her father was a carpenter, and all of her brothers are in the construction fields. (Cate is also in that field as a self-employed electrician.) She started with drawing and oil-painting in high school, and branched out from there. "I have always found myself trying to find a creative outlet, even in everyday life."

In 2004 Cate returned to Vitrium to take classes with Richard LaLonde, a well-known glass artist from Washington State. She continues to learn about glass, not only by taking classes, but also by experimenting on her own in her Paramus NJ home and her Parksville, NY studio.

Kathy Jeffers • Pottery, Clay Sculpture, & Jewelry

Kathy Jeffers has worked professionally as a potter and clay sculptor since 1970. She received a BA in music in Virginia, but soon moved to New York City for the culture, art and diversity it has to offer. At first trying pottery as a hobby, she quickly found herself teaching classes and selling her work throughout the Northeast.  

Her work has always had a whimsical and sculptural quality, and her career took a turn to 3-D clay illustration. Her caricature illustrations and whimsical scenes, sculpted in polymer clay, were photographed for covers and consumer and trade ads in high-profile magazines.

Gradually, Kathy's illustration career evolved into yet another area in clay: as a commercial sculptor, making clay and wax prototypes and factory-ready models for the toy, gift, and cosmetic industries. Her clients include
Fisher-Price and Avon Products, among others.

At present Kathy divides her time between New York City and the Catskills. In her studio in Woodbourne, NY, she spends most of her time designing, making and firing her fanciful hand-built pottery. In the weekly pottery classes she teaches at the Old Stone House Community Center in Woodbourne, she greatly enjoys inspiring others to find and develop their own abilities of self-expression, to feel centered, and to forget about everyday pressures, as they work with the wonderful, soft, malleable medium that is clay. 

Lately, Kathy's work has expanded into the area of jewelry, using her own distinctive ceramic beads, or glass beads. She has also been exploring Precious Metal Clay (silver in a malleable matrix) as a medium for jewelry creation. 

An extensive gallery of her work, including commercial work as well as art/craft work may be seen on her website: